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Drop Off Breakfast and Lunch Plans

posted Mar 23, 2020, 5:03 PM by SWR5 Web Sites
RoboCall sent March 23, 2020.

This is Tosha Tilford, Superintendent of the Southwest Schools. This call is to let
you know that tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th the district will start dropping-off
breakfast and lunch sacks through the bus routes.

Since the safety of everyone is extremely important, the district is using a minimal
contact protocol. The bus will pull-up to the regular morning pick-up point, and the
driver will honk the bus horn.

If you want the food sacks for your children, please signal to the bus by waving from
the porch, then return to your house. The bus helper will bring the food sacks to the
porch and leave them. At this point, it is fine for you to get the food. If you have a
dog running loose, please get the animal put away or bus will not be stopping.

If the morning pick-up for your child is down a lane from the house, the bus will be
stopping at the normal place. You will need to have someone waiting at that stop for
the food to be dropped-off.

These procedures will be used each day. If you miss a day, the bus will not stop
again unless you call the Central Office 417-826-5410 to get put back on the route.

The estimated time for the food delivery is approximately one hour 30 minutes later
than the normal morning pick-up time.

The other locations for food distribution are at the People’s Bank of Seligman and
the People’s Bank of Washburn. The distribution time at these locations is from
8:40 am to 10:00 am.

Food will be distributed on regularly scheduled school days and will keep running as
long as needed to help during these troubled times. Updates will be provided
through the district webpage, emails, robocalls, and Facebook pages.

Everyone, please remember that health and safety is most important.

Thank you,

Tosha Tilford