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Elementary Staff

You will have to adjust the email addresses by deleting the space before and after the @.

Elementary Office:



Jeff Payne, Principal

email: jpayne @ swr5.net


Angela Long, Counselor

email: along @ swr5.net


Debbie Hall, Secretary

email: dhall @ swr5.net


Lisa Gloyd, RN, Nurse

email: lisagloyd @ swr5.net








Tacy Lawrence, Teacher

email: talawrence @ swr5.net


Rachel Meier, Teacher

email: rmeier @ swr5.net


Jamie Cole, Para

email: jcole @ swr5.net


Megan Hendrix, Para

email: meganhendrix @ swr5.net


Jayme Reuter, Para

email: jreuter @ swr5.net








Tara Green, Teacher

email: taragreen @ swr5.net

Karen Hester, Teacher

email: khester @ swr5.net


Jessica Naugle, Teacher

email: jessicanaugle @ swr5.net





First Grade:



Melissa Mitchell, Teacher

email: melissamitchell @ swr5.net


Erin Lawrence, Teacher

email: elawrence @ swr5.net


Tonya Starr, Teacher

email: tstarr @ swr5.net





Second Grade:



Melissa Horn, Teacher

email: melissahorn @ swr5.net


to be announced, Teacher

email: @ swr5.net


Kari Taylor, Teacher

email: ktaylor @ swr5.net





Third Grade:



Ann Odenbrett, Teacher

email: aodenbrett @ swr5.net


Barbara Randall, Teacher

email: brandall @ swr5.net


Tabitha Tufares, Teacher

email: ttufares @ swr5.net



Fourth Grade:



Blair Bachman, Teacher

email: blairbachman @ swr5.net


Krystal Barnes, Teacher

email: krystalbarnes @ swr5.net


Lauren Forste, Teacher

email: laurenforste @ swr5.net




Title 1 / Special Ed / Other:



Heather Ayer, Title 1

email: heatherayer @ swr5.net


Allyson Marsh, Title 1

email: amarsh @ swr5.net


Teri Jo Shackles, Title 1

email: tjshackles @ swr5.net


Alice Via, Title 1

email: avia @ swr5.net





Special Ed:



Regina Johnson, Special Ed

email: reginajohnson @ swr5.net


Tim Steeley, Special Ed

email: tsteeley @ swr5.net


to be announced, Para

email: @ swr5.net


Angela Pendergraft, Para

email: apendergraft @ swr5.net








Andi Bland, Art

email: andibland @ swr5.net


Janeth Henbest, Library

email: jhenbest @ swr5.net


Shirley Lawrence, Cafeteria

email: slawrence @ swr5.net


Wendy Lueckenhoff, Speech

email: wendylueckenhoff @ swr5.net


Kelly McNabb, Librarian

email: kmcnabb @ swr5.net


Mike Vining, PE

email: mvining @ swr5.net