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HS Staff

You will have to adjust the email addresses by deleting the space before and after the @.

High School Office



Eric Roller, Principal

email: ericroller @ swr5.net


Stacey Hopper, Counselor

email: shopper @ swr5.net

Web Site

Kenny Ferguson, Athletic Director

email: kferguson @ swr5.net


Jackie Burns, Secretary

email: jburns @ swr5.net





High School Teachers and Staff



Rachael Brown, Ag

email: rpierce @ swr5.net


Caleb Burkey, History/Social Studies

email: calebburky @ swr5.net


Bill Caldwell, Ag

email: billcaldwell @ swr5.net


Levi Coy, Math

email: levicoy @ swr5.net


Glenda Dalton, Band

email: gdalton @ swr5.net


Jeff Dickson, Math

email: jdickson @ swr5.net


Dianna Galyen, Spanish

email: dgalyen @ swr5.net


Nancy Givens, Art

email: ngivens @ swr5.net


Carl Hendrix, Science

email: carlhendrix @ swr5.net


Stacy Hendrix, Cafeteria

email: stacyhendrix @ swr5.net


Janeth Henbest, Library

email: jhenbest @ swr5.net


Mandy Henry, Health

email: mandyhenry @ swr5.net


Wyatt Hester, Drama

email: whester @ swr5.net


Brandon Hobson, Special Ed

email: bhobson @ swr5.net


Janice Love, Special Ed

email: jlove @ swr5.net


Kelly McNabb, Librarian

email: kmcnabb @ swr5.net


Linda Morgan, Comm Arts

email: lmorgan @ swr5.net


Sharesa Rodgers, Business

email: srodgers @ swr5.net


Ashley Roe, Math/Comm Arts

email: aroe @ swr5.net


Rusty Roe, PE

email: rroe @ swr5.net


Eric Thieman, Para

email: ethieman @ swr5.net


Jennifer Thornton, Science

email: jthornton @ swr5.net


Leah Treadwell, Social Studies

email: ltreadwell @ swr5.net


Steve Voyak, Comm Arts

email: svoyak @ swr5.net


Liz Wolfe, Para

email: lizwolfe @ swr5.net