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MS Staff

You will have to adjust the email addresses by deleting the space before and after the @.

Middle School Office:



Christy Hermansen, Principal

email: christyhermansen @ swr5.net


Jillayne Chancellor, Counselor

email: jchancellor @ swr5.net


to be announced, Secretary

email: @ swr5.net





Middle School Teachers and Staff



Jennifer Allison, 6th Grade

email: jenniferallison @ swr5.net


Nicole Blevins, 6th Grade

email: nblevins @ swr5.net


April Boyles, Special Ed

email: aboyles @ swr5.net


Lena Alsup, Ag

email: lenaalsup @ swr5.net


Bill Caldwell, Ag

email: billcaldwell @ swr5.net


Kelly Tolbert, 7th/8th Math

email: kellytolbert @ swr5.net


Glenda Dalton, Band

email: gdalton @ swr5.net


Anthony Eagleburger, Government/PE

email: aeagleburger @ swr5.net


Sheri Epling, 7th/8th Science

email: sepling @ swr5.net


Dianna Galyen, Spanish

email: dgalyen @ swr5.net


Nancy Givens, Art

email: ngivens @ swr5.net


to be announced, Para

email: @ swr5.net


Janeth Henbest, Library

email: jhenbest @ swr5.net


Mandy Henry, PE

email: mandyhenry @ swr5.net


Wyatt Hester, Drama

email: whester @ swr5.net


Destiny Jalbert, 5th Grade

email: djalbert @ swr5.net


Kim Durossette. 6th Grade

email: kdurossette @ swr5.net


Susan Knoll, ISS

email: sknoll @ swr5.net


Rachelle McKnight, 5th Grade

email: rmcknight @ swr5.net


Kelly McNabb, Librarian

email: kmcnabb @ swr5.net


to be announced, Para

email: @ swr5.net


Paula Rawlings, 5th Grade

email: paularawlings @ swr5.net


Erin Steeley, Special Ed

email: esteeley @ swr5.net


Josie Stubblefield, PE/Health

email: jstubblefield @ swr5.net


Brenna Zucca, 7th/8th Comm Arts

email: brennazucca @ swr5.net