Southwest R-V School District Tech Note Page

Welcome to the "Tech Notes" page. This page is a resource to SWR5 Staff only and includes information and resources from the Technology Department. While anyone can view this page, only SWR5 Staff can open links.

Helpful Shares:

Phone Listing

SWR5 Google Email Groups

Chromebook Blank Assignment Sheet

Custom Guide Quick Reference / Training for Google Apps

GrandStream Phones:

Button Guide -- Not the exact phone set but buttons are very universal

Quick User Guide

Initial Voicemail Setup

Granting YouTube Access:

To allow students to view specific YouTube videos, please follow these steps:

  • Identity the specific YouTube video(s) that you would like your students to view.

  • If right below the video it says, "Video not approved for", please press the "Approve" button to the right.

  • Copy the URL of the video(s) and email it to me. Please give me a few days to get the video(s) configured correctly. You can include multiple URLs in a list if you would like.

  • Wait for me to email you back that I am finished authorizing the video(s).

  • Assign the video using the URL in Google Classroom or place them in a shared document that the students have access to view. This is critical so the student has a link to click on to view the video(s). Otherwise, they won't be able to find the video(s).

Media Library Access / Instruction Slides


Faxing Instruction Slides

Fax from Central Office Fax Server

Fax from ES Fax Server

Fax from MS Fax Server

Fax from HS Fax Server

Trojan Head GIF File


Explora is an academic research tool that we receive as part of our MOREnet membership. It is broken down between Elementary, Middle, and High School searches to provide age appropriate material for our students. When students are placed in the walled garden for technology abuse, they still have access to Explora for research.

Links to Explora are on the Student Resources and Staff Resources page. Kelly McNabb can give you training on how to use it.

If you aren't using Explora for academic research projects, you should do so. The source material is much more reliable than what can be found in general Google-type searches.

To access Explora off-campus, you will need to use this:

Username: southwestrv

Password: Trojan@1

Please share this with your students in Google Classroom if you are assigning research with Explora that they may be doing from home.

Cleaning your SmartBoard:

Occasionally I receive a question on how to clean a SmartBoard. Here’s a link that describes how to clean a SmartBoard:

Chromebook EOY Return Videos

Chromebook Tech Notes

Important Tech Notes

Technology Purchases:

  • Before purchasing technology or applying for grants that include technology, please run it by the technology director first for approval. If you don't, there is no guarantee that it will work. It may not be connected to your PC or the wireless network. This is due to cyber-security concerns.


    • Be very,very careful.

    • Do not email or text passwords!

    • Look closely at emails before you open a document or click on a link.

    • Do not allow a person you don't know access to your desktop either in person or remotely. Even if they tell you there is a problem with your desktop. Ask Tech Support first.

How to contact Tech Support:

    • Email --

    • Website link on left hand side of web page

    • Leave a message at 5681

Emergency Extensions:

Google Mail Tip:

If you would not like all of your emails grouped by "Conversation", please take these steps:

Click on the Gear icon on the right hand side of your email screen.

Select “Settings”

Stay on the “General” tab.

Scroll down to where you see “Conversation View”

Change “Conversation View” to “Off”

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save Changes"

Movie Licensing:

We have obtained a Public Performance Site License covering legal use of movies within our school facilities. Click here for a phamplet with more information. If you show movies in your classroom, please familiarize yourself with it.

Highlights are:

    • Movies have to be shown indoors – no outside viewing

    • There are several authorized movie studios that are listed on page 3 of the pamphlet

    • This license does not permit:

      • Entertainment movies to be shown where admission is charged (other than to cover the cost of the license)

      • Advertisement of the movie title or studio name to the general public

      • Movies to be altered in any way, including digitizing or duplication

      • Any showings outside of our school building or off campus

    • We are provided with free access to movie posters, bookmarks, activity sheets, and event tickets that can be used to advertise or supplement move programs. These are available at Please use Customer Number 161922-1 to log in.

Possibly Helpful Tools:

While at the MOREnet conference, I sat in on some sessions that had tools for Google Chrome, Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc. I’ve shared the presentations with you in Google Drive. I have not vetted each individual item. Always read the descriptions of add-ons to understand how they work and if there are any charges associated with them.

Here are the direct links to the items:

Gaga for Google:

Be careful with adding a lot of extensions as they take up memory. You can use Extensify to help manage your extensions.

Google Apps: There’s an Add-on for That

Give your Classroom a Tech Boost:

This was focused on Math Tools but the website also has Reading and Writing Tools.