Here is information to obtain a ticket for the Boys Basketball game on Tuesday night at 6:00pm (February 27, 2024). 

Our capacity has been split with the visiting school and a presale passcode must be used to purchase tickets until the presale period ends. Here is how to purchase a ticket. No tickets are available to purchase at the gate.

  • Your presale code allows purchase of ticket(s) during a protected timeframe, it is not a guarantee of a ticket
  • Navigate to
  • Click on the Ticket icon at the top of the home page
  • Select the Sport image tile
  • Select Class , this will bring up all events in your class and will be organized by start times
  • Choose your matchup from the list of events
  • You will see a message stating ticket sales do not begin until 02/27/2024 12:00pm, this is when the presale period expires
  • Click the link Have a passcode?
  • Enter the provided presale code K8B25R and click Apply
  • Enter the number of tickets and click Checkout
  • Enter card information to purchase the ticket
  • Ticket will be sent to the email address entered for presentation at the gate for admission, which may be printed or remain on the device for scanning.

 If Southwest wins and  advances to the quarterfinals, a new presale code will be needed. A new post will be shared with the new presale code. 

Email or call 866.488.4849 for technical support.